Cuomo likely to ban sale of cigarettes for six weeks, beginning Monday

Governor Andrew Cuomo has tentatively scheduled a Monday morning announcement to ban the sale of cigarettes for at least six weeks, following new data from Italy that suggests that smokers who are infected with COVID-19 are far more likely to develop serious complications than non-smokers.

Of those smokers who develop serious complications, a higher proportion requires a ventilator, and those smokers who are put on ventilators have dramatically higher rates of death.

Sources familiar with his thinking tell The Inquizitor that Dr. Howard Zucker, the Commissioner of Health, discussed the step with the Governor privately earlier this week. The action could reduce the State’s Coronavirus death count by thousands of smokers and non-smokers.

The temporary ban will be on the sale, not the consumption of combustible tobacco, and is expected to take effect at 11:59 pm on Monday.

Italy’s Coronavirus death rate is fast approaching 10% of those who test positive, and Italian doctors are now saying that the deaths they are seeing are highly correlated to cigarette use.  Italian men smoke cigarettes at rates remarkably higher than most other countries, contributing to the extreme shortage of ventilators there.

According to Italy’s National Health Institute, smokers with COVID-19 were one-third more likely to have a serious clinical situation than non-smokers. Half of these smokers required a ventilator.

For many weeks, it was observed that women in Italy are better able to overcome the virus than men.  Italian doctors now believe that the statistical difference is attributable to smoking-related gender norms.

Governor Cuomo mobilized the National Guard to convert the Jacob Javits Convention Center into a 1,000-bed hospital in a matter of days. The facility will provide New York City hospitals with overflow capacity.

COVID-19 kills its victims by compromising the respiratory system and reducing oxygen levels in the blood.  Regular cigarette use damages the airways and small air sacs in the lungs.  Combustible cigarettes weaken smokers’ lungs by filling them with smoke and tar.

“When a smoker contracts COVID-19, he or she will be far more likely to suffer respiratory system failure, thereby exacerbating New York’s ventilator shortage,” Cuomo plans to say in remarks shared with The Inquizitor.   “Fortunately, medical science informs us that ex-smokers experience significant recovery in lung function and oxygen absorption as soon as they quit smoking.”

Former smokers recover 30% of their lung function just two weeks after quitting.

“Any ex-smoker can tell you how, just days after quitting, they were noticeably less out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs. Personally, I have heard hundreds of these stories,” he writes in draft remarks prepared for Monday.

Commissioner Zucker has long advocated for additional restrictions on combustible cigarette sales, which causes more than 443,000 deaths annually — more deaths each year than from murder, car accidents, alcohol, opioids, drug use, gun deaths, and suicides combined.

Zucker argues that a ban on cigarette sales for the duration of the outbreak will save thousands of lives and will reduce the State’s shortage of ventilators, perhaps by several thousand during its peak — expected to hit the State only 20 days from today.

Those close to the Governor argue that temporarily banning combustible cigarette sales during the public health crisis, will mean that ex-smokers’ respiratory systems will make significant recovery at the very same time that COVID-19 cases are peaking in New York.

“This will save lives, and not just the lives of smokers,” the Governor plans to say.  “Every former smoker that gets sick, but does not need a ventilator, means one more ventilator is available to keep our aging parents and grandparents alive.”

“Importantly, we must also recognize that failing to temporarily ban combustible cigarettes immediately will cause a disproportionate increase in COVID-19 fatalities in minority communities, given the higher prevalence of immuno-deficiencies in these communities,” he plans to note.

Cuomo believes that the ban will save the lives of many thousands of New Yorkers who do not smoke, because of the increased availability of ventilators for the elderly, those undergoing cancer treatment, those with COPD and chronic respiratory problems, HIV patients, and those with autoimmune diseases — all of whom are more likely to need ventilators to overcome the virus.

Constructing the temporary FEMA hospital required seven busloads of the National Guard, who arrived at the Jacob Javits Center early last week.

98 thoughts on “Cuomo likely to ban sale of cigarettes for six weeks, beginning Monday

  1. Makes no sense. The damage has already been done! If anyone that smokes, Gets six in 2 weeks. Not smoking for 2 weeks isn’t going to mean shit.


  2. This is absolutely stupid. The people that have been smoking are not gonna have a better chance by banning the sale of cigarettes. If they have lung damage already that’s not gonna fix a thing! He’s an idiot. I have a mass in one lung. If you have lung disease the damage is already there. The only thing this would accomplish is less money to the state from the tax, which in turn he can cry to Government for more money being the greedy prick he has already shown us he is!


  3. Cuomo isn’t stopping people from moving around…going from the city to upstate…but has the balls to take away tobacco use…what the fuck..are you kidding me..


  4. That would be great how many more hospital beds will we need and how many more counseling places are going to be available 87% of this state smokes whether it is a vape or whether it is a cigarette or whether it is a pipe tobacco I know that would never happen are tobacco industry is the state’s top Revenue they are not going to give the revenue up they tried back in 2013 and lost remember not going to happen stop trying to be rhetoric


  5. This is a bit outrageous. All this is going to do is make more people sick. It will take up more hospital beds due to nicotine withdrawal. People who have been smoking for years can get extremely sick if they quit cold Turkey and possibly even die. Their bodies are so used to the nicotine it doesnt know how to run without it. Cuomo needs to think this through thoroughly before actually doing this. It may save a few people but think of the many it will hurt.


  6. Its stupid it’s taking away our rights as Americans cigarettes didnt cause this taking it away is only gonna hurt NY financially it’s not gonna stop the virus it’s just another way to control us.


  7. This is absolutely stupid. The people that have been smoking are not gonna have a better chance by banning the sale of cigarettes.


  8. Mr.Cumo needs to understand that smoking for the mentally ill, someone with schizophrenia, is vital for them. It is a clinically proven fact that smoking helps many mentally I’ll with there symptoms or paranoia, self harm and anxiety. Someone with mental illness will end up psychiatrically hospitalized without there cigarettes. I’m a Mental Health Counselor in the field for 37 years.


  9. Okay what the hell is alcohol and cigarettes going to do the shitz done why don’t you guys worry about taking and figuring out how people like in my situation or what a daycare who don’t file taxes who are struggling as a single parent of one again struggling to pay bills pay rent pay electric to keep on for their child in their selves you can’t get a stimulus check if you ain’t f****** taxpayer so mean while they supposedly cancel rat and cancel shut off notices in eviction notices but what mean why I went this supposably ends we got a five $6,000 electric bill heat bill a freaking rent is so high that once again we’re back at struggling to pay falken bells I’m a single mom I’m having a hell of a time to pay my electric hell of a time to keep talkin food in my salt mine and my son’s stomach hell of a time trying to pay my racc what are they going to do that what are they going to do for somebody in my situation cuz I know five people write a fan for in the same situation as me don’t claim taxes run a daycare to help people and are f***** in the end because they’re worried about push it out other s*** can some things that have nothing to do with it yeah yeah


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